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Meet Tony Hixon

Financial Advisor & Best-Selling Author

  Meet Tony Hixon, Co-Founder and a passionate advocate for purpose-driven retirement planning, fueled by personal tragedy and a commitment to honor his mother’s memory. Born out of the devastating loss of his mother, Pam Hixon, who tragically took her own life in 2011 due to the lack of purpose and direction in retirement, Tony has dedicated his life to reshaping the retirement planning landscape.

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Having experienced the impact of his mother’s untimely passing firsthand, Tony made it his mission to redefine retirement planning. Alongside Scott Miller, a Certified Professional Retirement Coach, the two spent countless hours researching trends and developing materials for industry advisors. Together, they founded The Refocus Coaching Academy, a pioneering institution aimed at empowering financial advisors to support clients as they transition to a more purpose-filled retirement.

Through their Purpose-Driven Retirement Coaching Guide, Tony and Scott are rewriting the narrative of retirement planning. They emphasize the importance of addressing the non-financial aspects of retirement, ensuring that clients find meaning, purpose, and joy in this major life transition.

Driven by his personal experience and fueled by a desire to prevent others from enduring similar tragedies, Tony invites financial advisors to join him on this transformative journey. Together, they aim to rewrite the story of retirement—one filled with hope, happiness, and endless possibilities.


While Tony’s background as a financial advisor is evident, his role within the course is primarily to provide context and motivation for other advisors — the “why” behind the mission. Scott, on the other hand, brings practical expertise and guidance, having spent several years developing content that doesn’t touch on the numbers-side at any point — the “how.” It’s a collaborative effort aimed at reshaping retirement planning to focus on purpose and fulfillment.

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The Refocus Transition Wheel

~ A Client-Facing Tool ~

Guide your clients to a more purpose-filled retirement with this client-facing tool. A great conversation starter about the second half of life and areas that need extra focus. 

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