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Refocus Certified Advisor™️

Designation Information & Certification List

What is a Refocus Certified Advisor™️?


A Refocus Certified Advisor is your trusted partner on your journey to a purpose-filled retirement. Equipped with specialized training and certification from The Refocus Coaching Academy, these advisors possess the knowledge and tools to navigate the non-financial aspects of retirement with you.


What Sets Refocus Certified Advisors™️ Apart?


  • Comprehensive Training: Refocus Certified Advisors™️ undergo extensive training, consisting of over 20 lessons covering the essential four pillars of Refocus Coaching such as Rediscover Your Uniqueness, Create a Vision, Social Connections, and Leave a Legacy.


  • Personalized Approach: Each advisor is committed to understanding your unique values, aspirations, and goals for retirement. They tailor their guidance to align with your individual needs and priorities.


  • Client-Facing Tools: Armed with client-facing tools, Refocus Certified Advisors™️ empower you to explore and articulate your vision for retirement. These tools facilitate meaningful conversations and help you make informed decisions about your future.


  • Examination Process: Advisors demonstrate their mastery by passing the Purpose-Driven Retirement Coaching Guide examination, ensuring they are well-equipped to guide you towards a purpose-filled retirement.


Why Choose a Refocus Certified Advisor™️?


  • Expertise: Refocus Certified Advisors™️ possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in guiding clients through the complexities of retirement planning.


  • Support: With a Refocus Certified Advisor™️, you have a dedicated partner by your side, providing ongoing support and guidance as you navigate the journey to retirement.


  • Confidence: Rest assured that your best interests are always the priority. Refocus Certified Advisors™️ are committed to helping you achieve your retirement goals with confidence and clarity.


Ready to Get Started?

Start your journey to a purpose-filled retirement by connecting with a Refocus Certified Advisor™️ today. Your future awaits, and we’re here to help you make the most of it.




Is Your Advisor a Refocus Certified Advisor™️?

Below are the firms whose advisors have successfully completed the Purpose Driven Retirement Coaching Guide:

Joshua Robb, CFP®️

Partner, Director of Wealth Management

Jessica Hinks, CFP®️

Senior Wealth Advisor

Jordan Shaw, CFP®️

Associate Wealth Advisor

Chase Rose

Associate Wealth Advisor

Tony Hixon, CIMA

Chief Executive Officer

More to be added soon!


The Refocus Transition Wheel

~ A Client-Facing Tool ~

Guide your clients to a more purpose-filled retirement with this client-facing tool. A great conversation starter about the second half of life and areas that need extra focus. 

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