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Empowering financial advisors to support clients as they transition to a more purpose-filled retirement.

Tony’s Story


 Still. Cold. Gray.

These are the words that described that dreadful morning 12 years ago on March 22nd, this very day. The chill in the air was palpable, the gray that winter had left behind had not yet lost its grip. My cell phone rang that morning upon my arrival at my office. It was my dad. 

“Hey, dad,” I said.

“Tony! She’s dead! Pam… Mom. She did it. She committed suicide.”

Immediately, my legs gave way as his words pierced my heart. My mom’s decision that day would change the course of history…

My mom, Pam Hixon, was a dedicated hospice nurse, a beacon of compassion and care. But as retirement approached, the light in her eyes dimmed. She had prepared financially, diligently saving for retirement. But emotionally and spiritually, she was unprepared. Retirement left her adrift, lost in a sea of uncertainty.

The pain of her loss was unbearable, and for years, I struggled to make sense of it all. You see, my mom had made the decision to take her own life… and I was one of the financial advisors that gave her the green light to retire.

As I grappled with grief, I started to put together the pieces: my mom had retired without a clear sense of purpose. Despite being financially secure, she felt immense burnout and uncertainty, her days devoid of meaning and direction.

But amidst the darkness, I found a glimmer of hope—a calling to turn tragedy into triumph. Determined to honor my mom’s memory, I made it my mission to redefine retirement planning for financial advisors, alongside Scott Miller, Certified Professional Retirement Coach. Scott’s expertise and dedication have shaped our curriculum. With decades of experience in understanding the intricacies of retirement planning, he has crafted each lesson to empower financial advisors with the tools needed to guide their clients toward a more fulfilling retirement journey. Together, The Refocus Coaching Academy was born, 13 years after my mom’s passing.

And as I stand here today, I’m filled with a sense of gratitude and optimism. While the pain of loss will always be with me, I take solace in knowing that my mom’s legacy lives on through our work. Together, we’re turning sorrow into strength, despair into determination, and darkness into light.

So, financial advisors, I invite you to join us on this journey. Let’s rewrite the story of retirement—one filled with hope, happiness, and endless possibilities. Together, we can create a future where every client finds meaning and purpose.

My mom was a nurse. Her profession was to help others. She cared for her patients well.

You and I, we’re Financial Advisors. Our profession is to help others. We care for our clients well. 

There is a growing opportunity for financial advisory firms to broaden and deepen their client relationships – to satisfy and retain older clients, and to attract and delight the next generation – by better understanding the changing needs, expectations, and relationship preferences at each age and stage of the financial lifecycle.

And our course, the Purpose-Driven Retirement Coaching Guide for Financial Advisors, equips you with everything you need to seize this opportunity. With over 20 engaging video lessons covering key topics in non-financial retirement planning, a 22-page workbook filled with client-facing tools, exercises, and activities, a full slide deck for easy presentation and implementation, printable value card deck for discovering your client’s uniqueness, and resources to enhance the advisor-client relationship and deepen trust, we’re empowering you to redefine retirement planning and elevate your practice to new heights.

If finances are the only thing we consider, we overlook the well-being of our clients and the long-term satisfaction they’ll receive from having a financial plan in place.

Tony Hixon, Co-Founder of The Refocus Coaching Academy


The Refocus Transition Wheel

~ A Client-Facing Tool ~

Guide your clients to a more purpose-filled retirement with this client-facing tool. A great conversation starter about the second half of life and areas that need extra focus. 

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